An Introduction… to Me and Coffee

05 Jun

I am going to take WordPress’ statement and say “Hello World!” as this is my introductory post as a #BeanTeam member! I figured this was a good time to tell you all who I am, what I will be writing about, and when you can expect to hear from me. As you already heard, we launched our new Lowcountry Blend coffee yesterday and it was a huge success! With that being published, I take this post in a different direction…

As a supplement to my mini-bio (click HERE for a fresher and scroll down), I am currently obtaining my Master’s in Communication, which means I like communicating… a lot. I am particularly interested in public and media relations and for this blog, I am going to stick with my strengths and interests. Therefore, every Tuesday, you can expect to find me here, sharing media. Now, remember, media come in all forms—videos, news articles, opinion columns, etc. (and before you think I have a type-o, “media” is actually a plural word! That took some getting used to!) That is the fun in it, isn’t it? Almost everything is media and almost everything can be related to it. So, finding all things Sunoco, Lowcountry Blend, and coffee will be a fun adventure. You can also expect to find news about this campaign when it is relevant and updates from me about what it is like to be a #BeanTeam member—there really is no limit to these posts, which is the good thing about blogs, right?

Before I leave you, I wanted to share this fun video I found on YouTube. It is a quirky and entertaining way of educating you on coffee—on the benefits, health risks, how it is harvested, and where it is found. Now, keep in mind that the opinions expressed in the video do not necessarily reflect Sunoco’s opinions, or mine for that matter… it is just fun, so enjoy!

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One response to “An Introduction… to Me and Coffee

  1. Anita

    June 8, 2012 at 8:07 am

    Enjoyed your post!


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