Sunoco Press Conference at Lowcountry Food Bank

05 Jun

Today during a press conference at the Lowcountry Food Bank, Sunoco launched their latest coffee blend that was specifically created for their Caffeinate Charleston campaign. The coffee blend, named Lowcountry Blend, will be sold in 26 APlus locations in Charleston. The Lowcountry Blend is a medium body coffee that is mixed with enticing, nutty flavors, and it’s delicious. Pat Walker, the LCFB President and CEO, started the press conference and announced a corporate sponsorship with Sunoco where they will help raise hunger awareness. To support the Lowcountry Food Bank, Sunoco will donate a portion of the proceeds for each cup of coffee sold. “For every cup of coffee sold, Sunoco will donate a cup of coffee,” said Cynthia Archer, Sunoco’s vice president of marketing.

Ruth Clauser, President of the Sunoco Foundation, thanked the Lowcountry Food Bank and Sunoco team members for making the partnership possible. During the press conference, Sunoco’s interns, who are named the bean team, promoted the Lowcountry Blend via Twitter and Facebook. We also wore Sunoco t-shirts and passed out goody bags, which had coffee samples, coupons, coasters, and other goodies inside. After the press conference, we went to Sunoco stores and promoted the Lowcountry Blend by passing out brochures and encouraging customers to try the coffee. Today marked the beginning of an exciting marketing campaign, and I can’t wait to plan more events with the bean team.

~Jennifer Blencowe



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