How do you like your coffee?

06 Jun

A coffee drink is a little bit like a personality. Each drink is unique and swirled with their own taste and flavor. Some sweet, some robust, some a little nutty and some not-so-sweet, but this is what makes coffee so much fun and so addicting (besides the caffeine). We can doctor our java with whatever ingredients we like to tailor the dark drip into something completely our own and completely satisfying to your own unique personality.

When we began our #beanteam internship we were each asked how we liked our coffee. For me, I like my coffee with a lot of cream and sugar and preferably over ice, but every other member has their own unique recipe for how they prefer their coffee. It stands us apart, but at the same time, brings us all together over a cup of hot joe, if you’re curious about our coffee preferences, they can be found here.

With this idea in mind, it got me thinking, how does everyone’s taste buds differ from the north to the south. It’s notoriously known that the north prefers their coffee a little stronger while the south prefers a lighter blend from their bean, but how do you describe it? I found this great website that helps you to decipher the different characteristics of coffee taste.

One of the best parts about Sunoco’s “Lowcountry Blend” was that it was chosen by the local people of Charleston and the surrounding Lowcountry. The brew is tailored to the trained tastebuds of Charleston’s coffee drinkers and is made just for you Charleston! So, stop in to your local Mt.Pleasant A-Plus convenience store and try the new “Lowcountry Blend.” Put your tastebuds to the test and see if you can decipher what characteristics of the blend make it uniquely Charleston. And of course, feel free to tailor your brew to your own  liking because thats the beauty of coffee, its uniquely yours!

~Alison Davidson


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2 responses to “How do you like your coffee?

  1. marlenebertrand

    June 7, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Your site is fascinating. I like my coffee strong, but with a tiny bit of cream and sugar.


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