What Makes the “Lowcountry Blend”?

08 Jun

        Hello to Charleston and all of you coffee connoisseurs out there! My name is Courtney and I will be posting every Friday to bring you new and exciting updates on the campaign for Sunoco’s “Lowcountry Blend.” I am a senior at the College of Charleston studying Communications and Psychology. I am more than excited to start this campaign being a part of the #beanteam, and I hope that Charleston is ready for it!

         It was announced this past Monday at Sunoco’s Press Conference that Charleston would be given the coffee brew, the “Lowcountry Blend.” The “Lowcountry Blend” was named especially for the residents of Charleston and the blend was brewed by coffee professionals at Coffee Bean International. What a great specialty to have Charleston as the hometown for this international blend of coffee. So, what is the “Lowcountry Blend” composed of? The “Lowcountry Blend” is a mixture of Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Honduran, and Mexican coffees.

         The two boldest and most memorable components of the blend would be the Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffees. Why is that? Well, according to, Guatemalan coffee typically provides the “edge” in your coffee cup. The flavor is said to be bold and “fiery” based on the climate of where the coffee is grown in Guatemala. As for Costa Rican coffee, says that Costa Rican coffee is extra bold and “bulky.” Costa Rican coffee is said to provide a chocolate, nut flavor that appeals to most coffee lovers. On, Mexican and Honduran coffees are the gentler, milder blends. The Mexican and Honduran coffees seem to bring balance to stronger coffees, enhancing the flavors of those stronger coffees.

          So, what does all of this mean? Well, combining the research of these four coffee blends and looking to the original description of the “Lowcountry Blend”, the blend is “a mixture of bright, nutty flavors.” Charleston, you are perfect for this coffee blend in the way that you are welcoming, exquisite, easy going, and you are not afraid to have fun.

           I found this song, “You and Your Heart” by Jack Johnson, and I think it is perfect for any Charleston coffee house. Maybe you could listen to this as you drink your cup of “Lowcountry Blend” and get the same effect!

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