THIS is Coffee

12 Jun

So, I am going to share a video on coffee two weeks in a row, because I saw this one on the Huffington Post and I, yet again, had to share! One thing I did not mention last week is that I absolutely LOVE history, which was part of the appeal of moving to Charleston. However, when history combines with communication and communication technologies, I love it even more. Old radios, phones, television cameras, even cell phones! I am fascinated with it all! I bring this up because this video that you will see below was made by the Coffee Brewing Institute in 1961. Keep in mind that it is nearly 13 minutes long, and I am sure that if this were made today, they could have said the same things in 3 minutes (which is the maximun length that you will see with of something like this). However, it is a interesting video from a historial perspective, even if you only watch 3 minutes of it.

Here is the video. I won’t embed it here, because it is a little longer: This is Coffee

What I enjoy about this video is that it makes coffee look like an art that is savored, and I think that is a fair depiction. If you can manage to watch the whole “film”, you will see that making coffee used to be quite a process.Today, with all of the ways you can fix your coffee, combined with the ease and class of a coffee house, and the availability to have a coffee pot in your house, it is no surprise this is something people take seriously to this day. The possibilities are endless!

So, to all of you coffee connoisseurs out there, try Sunoco’s Lowcountry Blend and let us know what you think! Is it an art form? We sure think so! It is a premium blend that you can get on the go! Who knows: maybe in 40 years, our media will resurface and people can see just how the culture around coffee has changed…or not changed at all due to already achieved perfection.

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