Oh, Wedding Bliss

15 Jun

    Good Morning Charleston! How has your week been? The weather this week has been unpredictable but this weekend is looking beautiful! Hopefully, the beach will be calling your name!

    So, this week has been full of wedding preparation for the feature bride, Leah. Leah is a sweet, compassionate person who has loved the middle school children of East Cooper Baptist Church for over six years. Leah has two children, Alex and Ali-Anne, who are loved dearly by anyone who meets them. The lucky groom’s name is Timothy and they are getting married this Sunday in Charleston, South Carolina. Here is their story:

    Leah and Timothy have known each other for years, ever since they went to high school together. They dated in high school for a few months but their lives moved them elsewhere as high school ended and real life began. They went their separate ways for college, expecting to be friends of the past.

    Although there’s been twists and turns in their personal pathways being states apart, Timothy and Leah were reunited through consistent emails reminiscing of earlier days. Timothy has three sweet boys, Sawyer, Walker, and Braxton; so they had the topic of parenthood that made their experiences similar. As, Leah and Timothy started to talk more frequently on the phone and through emails, they planned to make their first visit to see each other. This visit was the first they had really seen each other since their high school years. Well, no means to be cliché but it was “love at first sight.” Those high school butterfly feelings returned and the two sweethearts made the decision to give dating another try as their experiences had placed them in similar tracks of life. Their hearts grew larger because of the love that they had for each others’ children, letting them know that they could live as one big family. And after one year of dating, marriage was the new topic of their frequent conversations. On April 24, 2012, Timothy asked Leah a BIG question and she said, “YES!”

    I am helping this sweet couple prepare for the wedding that they have been waiting for since April. So, even though the past two months have been full of wedding “to do” lists, pictures, linens, wedding favors, and so on, the last TWO days are here. Since lists tend to grow, so does the stress that comes with every new “to do” that is written. So, this morning Leah calmed her nerves by drinking a cup of the Lowcountry Blend. She is set for the day and is ready to celebrate her day as she turns from being a “Miss” to a “Mrs.”

Here is a picture of Leah with the Lowcountry Blend:

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