A Social Drink

20 Jun

This week I find myself reminiscing again. I’m not quite sure why, but when I started brainstorming my coffee post of the week, I was immediately taken back to my childhood again. When I was little, every Wednesday was considered “Coffee Wednesday.” A day when my mom and all of her friends would meet up with all of their kids and have coffee and eat pastries and catch up on life. Even though I was not a coffee drinker at the age of five, I still loved “Coffee Wednesday.” It was a day where I got to play with my friends and eat goodies I rarely got to eat otherwise. And a day where my mom and her friends drank coffee and just talked. It was so much more than drinking and eating — it was a social ritual.

Nowadays the quintessential coffee house is more than just a place you head to grab your coffee and go.  It’s a place where we meet with friends and talk about our days. We complain when the day hasn’t been the best and we rave when something great has happened, whether we got a raise or we got an A on our history paper. It has transformed a perk-me-up drink into a social drink.

In a time where so much communication is lost through emotionless text messages and two-second emails, a coffee house is a place where the communication is still face-to-face and the conversations are real and full of laughter. So, on your break today or on your way home, stop by a Charleston area Sunoco APlus convenience store and pick up a cup of Lowcountry Blend with a friend. Then head to a park or a bench outside of work and just catch up or reminisce over a cup of coffee and maybe a pastry (or two)!

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Posted by on June 20, 2012 in Caffeinate Charleston


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