Caffeinated Wedding Emergencies

22 Jun

Hey coffee friends! I hope that you all have had a great week and know that if you all haven’t, the weekend is here!

Weddings are like plays, they require some preparation, practice, and energy.  The preparation comes in the bookings of venues, entertainment, buying your wedding dress, ordering the invitations, and so on. The practice simply comes at the rehearsal and even the rehearsal dinner, because I know that some of you may have known someone that has had to practice their speech at the rehearsal dinner in preparation for a longer speech at your wedding reception.  The energy comes when you, as the bride, the groom, the parents, calm your nerves and follow through with the wedding ceremony.  Once you reach the point of the wedding reception, you know that the most nerve-racking part of your wedding is over and now you can celebrate with your close friends and family!  Your wedding day is said to be the most special day of your life, especially as a woman. So, there has got to be a way to prepare for the little things that could go wrong on your day.  I’ve put together a list of items that could be vital to the survival of your wedding day, and some suggestions are from

Here the list goes:

  1. Scotch tape- Tape fixes so many things!
  2. Miniature Sewing Kit- For the Bridal dress emergencies.
  3. Money- You may end up needing cash for something!
  4. Cell phone- Just another caution, but the bride should not be the one glued to the phone. Give that to one of the bridesmaids.
  5. Water bottle- Dehydration is not the new thing in weddings.
  6. Earring Backs- That would be horrible if someone loses an earring.
  7. Lint Roller- You never know with lint, it seems to come up anywhere.
  8. Miniature Hairbrush- In case of hair emergencies.
  9. Bobbypins and Hair bands- The hair essentials!
  10. Small bottle of hairspray- After all of the hair appointments, the last thing anyone wants is for the hair to get a mind of its own.
  11. Straight Pins- Dress emergencies.
  12. Mints-You’ve got that big moment- “You may kiss the bride” J
  13. Travel Fist Aid Kit- Aspirin, bandaids, and so on.
  14. Stain Remover Towelettes- You honestly never know!
  15. Tissues- You or your Mom may need them!
  16. Deodorant- Enough said.
  17. Chapstick, lip gloss, or lip stick- Pucker up! J
  18. Nail file or Nail Polish- Touch ups can’t hurt!
  19. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste- Just in case you forgot with the wedding bustle!
  20. Baby Powder- This can help your hair look “refreshed.”
  21. Lotion- Doesn’t hurt to have this on hand is your hands are dry!
  22. Cotton Swabs- For makeup emergencies.
  23. Cup of Lowcountry Blend- Your perfect caffeine fix to help with those nerves and to give you the exact amount of energy you need to celebrate on your day. Honestly, you may need more than one! You, as the bride or groom, will feel a rush of energy and feel vibrant as you being your lives together.
       Happy Weddings and I hope  your day is “Emergeny-Free”, filled with bliss and Lowcountry Blend!
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