Coffee, Infographics, and You

26 Jun

One of my favorite media trends is the use of infographics. Infographics are simple illustrations, graphics, charts…whatever, really… that are paired with facts or statistics in order to display information in an interesting and visually appealing way. We all know this is becoming an increasingly visual world, and with the information overload we encounter daily, it is hard to get our attention on any one thing for any length of time.

So for today, I found this handy graphic entitled 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. It is a rather large graphic, so you will need to follow the link to see it… I won’t post it here! But if you do follow the think, it tells us of all the different ways coffee is made, random and seemingly outrageous laws in coffee’s history, and how caffeine really works. It is also rather witty and entertaining!

After I found this infographic, I was curious what else I could find. Low and behold, there were all kinds of graphics that showed up after a simple Google search. Look! There is more:

This website shows not one, not two, but 27 Infographics depicting coffee. There is one going along with my last post about coffee vs. tea, one depicting coffee differences all over the world, the pros and cons of caffeine, how different coffe drinks are made, and how coffee compares to other beverages, such as energy drinks or sodas. OH and as an added bonus, the video I posted a few weeks back is also on there! I love when I find these connections!

So, the moral of the story is: Thanks to new media, you can be educated on almost anything, anytime, anywhere. Infographics give you quick and fun facts about the topic of your choosing, and in this case, coffee. Being an intern this summer really has taught me a ton about coffee, and I almost didn’t realize it! I feel like I could quiz you on this. QUICK: What would you have if you added 1 part Lowcountry Blend with 1 part milk tea? How large (in $$$) is the global coffee market? Just how big was the biggest cup of coffee on record? You will find the answers in these graphics!

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