Oh, What One Would Do For That Coffee Fix

27 Jun

Coffee. We devote our lives to it in a way. We will be late, make our lives more difficult and make our schedules more hectic all for that calming feeling we get when we take that first sip and simply say “ahhh.” In that moment everything slips away. For just one second all you are concerned with is enjoying the soothing feel and the tiny jolt that coffee gives you in just one gulp.

However, it is this euphoric taste and addicting feel that can get us in trouble much of the time. Or if not trouble, just make our lives a little more stressful. Just a couple of days ago, I had one of these stressful moments occur because of my need for my morning coffee fix.

It all started on Monday morning of this week. I had set my alarm promptly for 8 am so I would have plenty of time to get ready for work and of course – brew a pot of coffee. However, apparently when I thought I hit snooze, I had turned my alarm completely off. I awoke startled and knew without even looking I was running majorly behind schedule. I rushed to the kitchen to start my coffee so it would be ready when I headed out the door, but to my dismay and agitation we were completely out of coffee. You know those days where everything seems to be going wrong? Well, this was one of them.

As I stomped out of the house I could not push away that feeling in my brain that kept saying, “I need coffee!” Tried as I might, I was losing the battle, but I couldn’t think of a coffee place that would be quick enough so I wouldn’t have to wait, but still have great tasting coffee that would help subdue my coffee craving. That’s when I realized I was close enough to Mt. Pleasant for a coffee detour and some Lowcountry Blend! I pulled in Sunoco and filled up on gas while the Sunoco On The Go team brought me my coffee and I was back on my way to work in minutes. The best part you ask? Getting that “ahh” feeling and realizing everything was better now that I had some coffee and most of all some Lowcountry Blend!




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