Wake up on the road with a cup of coffee!

30 Jun

Hello coffee lovers and coffee fans! So you’ve been driving for about an hour to go to the beach, and you start to get sleepy at the wheel. What do you do to wake up? Listen to music? Roll down the window and get wind on your face? The answer is to grab a cup of Lowcountry Blend coffee at one of our 26 APlus stores. In fact, driver sleepiness is a major cause of serious road crashes, and a cup of coffee could be the solution.

One of the most popular myths for counteracting tiredness is singing to music, however your cup of Lowcountry Blend coffee is the best way to alleviate sleepiness. According to researchers, the quickest and easiest fixes for driver sleepiness is to immediately stop driving, drink one or more cups of caffeinated coffee, and take a 15-minute nap (in that order).

Throughout the years, research has proven time and time again that caffeinated coffee can counteract driver sleepiness. According to the Coffee Science Information Centre, one or two cups of caffeinated coffee can significantly improve alertness among drivers. So the next time you’re getting tired on the wheel, why don’t you take a break and wake up with some Lowcountry Blend?


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