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Coffee and Public Knowledge

I was curious what happened when I Googled “coffee” and I thought I would explore the Wikipedia page. I was surprised to see how extensive the page was. In high school, I was always told to avoid Wikipedia for any credible information– anyone can edit it. Times have changed, and Wikipedia is more credible. Therefore, I am going to share some fun facts that you can find on this page. After all, anyone can post on here so it has to be true, right?

1) Coffee was referenced first in 1598. That is a long time ago, folks.

2) Coffee was initially associated with spiritual and political activism. Really? Because now it keeps people awake while they sit at their computers for 8 hours at a time.

3) Powerful sorcerers often had coffee trees planted over their graves as it was believed that it sprouted from the tears of god.

I will leave it up to you to find the sources and confirm, but it is rather interesting, don’t you think?

Another interesting website is Coffee Review . This site has a blog, a glossary, forums, and articles all centered around coffee. I thought it would be interesting to see what the people were saying about coffee (along the same lines of Wikipedia) and the forums have everything from coffee reviews and brewing tips. I suppose if you wanted to connect with coffee fans alike, this would be the place to go. In the interest of seeing what other people are blogging, and it has numerous opinions but they are all from last year. All in all, if you want information from this site, check out the glossary– it’s quite extensive.

I hope this has given you some insight into the world of citizen journalism…even if it isn’t journalism exactly. There are numerous coffee drinkers out there, and so many really are knowledgable on the drink. With the Internet, we can all share and learn about coffee, or anything else. It is just now more important than ever to check facts if you want to know for sure.

Grab a cup of Lowcountry Blend and tell us what you know about coffee! You can add it to the mix of all the other coffee facts up there. I bet this blend will compete with the rest. It is pretty darn good!

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Fortune Telling with Lowcountry Blend

Drinking a cup of Lowcountry Blend could actually hold clues to your present and future. After drinking a cup of coffee, the coffee grounds left behind in the cup create symbols, which reveal your fortune. People from all over the globe have been reading coffee grounds for thousands of years, and coffee readings are typically done by women of the family during gatherings.

Coffee Preparation

By the time you drink coffee, there are usually no coffee grounds remaining. So it’s important to prepare your cup of Lowcountry Blend in a specific way. Boil your coffee on the stovetop. If you don’t boil the coffee grounds, the grounds will float in your coffee, which makes it difficult to drink. Pour the coffee without filtering the coffee grounds, and most grounds should fall to the bottom of your cup.

Drinking the Coffee 
I know it’s tempting to drink all your Lowcountry Blend, but make sure to leave some grounds at the bottom of the cup. When your drinking Lowcountry Blend, turn your coffee cup slowly while drinking so you can strain the grounds.

The Fortune Telling
Here’s the exciting part! The interpreter/ fortune-teller should hold the cup in one hand while holding the person’s hand simultaneously. Coffee grounds that lie to the right indicate the future, and leaves to the left reveal the past. Then the fortune-teller will look for images in the coffee ground. If you see symbols at the bottom of the cup, it means that the fortune will happen later as opposed to sooner.

In general, work your way through the cup starting with the handle reading clockwise, and try to find connections between each symbol. Make sure to write down the symbols and the information you receive that day so you can begin to see how things develop when they do. Take a look at the common symbols below:

Apple: Fertility and creativity.
Arch: Money in business matters.
Bread: Nurture your desires, hopes and dreams.
Bridge: A major decision needs to be made – which way should you go?
Camera: Someone is attracted to you.
Coins: Money is on the way.
Diamonds: A marriage proposal is expected? If the person is married, this may be a symbol of money and material wealth.
Flowers: Flowers indicate happiness.
Genie Lamp: Your wish will be granted.
Harp: Traditional romance.
Heart: A love affair, if the heart is broken or misshapen then the person is broken-hearted.
Knots: Concern over something, take care that it does not negatively affect your health.
Road: Creative opportunities are bringing you to another level.
Ship: A business opportunity is presenting itself.

*To find more symbols, go to The next time you drink a cup of Lowcountry Blend, sit down, relax, and enjoy your coffee reading!


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Touring with the Lowcountry Blend

Hey y’all! I hope that your Friday has been going well.  Stay cool because this weekend’s temperature is looking quite hot!

Today the #beanteam held our final event at Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  We partnered with Fort Sumter Tours & Spiritline Cruises for the day, setting our booth right beside their dock.  This morning we hoped to reach those who were visiting Charleston temporarily and who may want a good coffee to grab as they are traveling between vacation spots!

We provided samples of the Lowcountry Blend, with cookies and muffins, and told people about our partnership with the Lowcountry Food Bank.  We directed our interested guests to the APlus Convenience stores that carry Lowcountry Blend and handed out many t-shirts that represent Sunoco and the #beanteam. Not only did we talk about coffee and hand out samples of coffee, but we provided some “coffee” music that brought the feel of a coffee house to a dock on the Charleston harbor.

We were pleasantly surprised and excited that so many of our guests enjoyed the flavor and richness of the Lowcountry Blend.  Our guests told their families and friends who were touring with them today, so our popularity grew with every coffee cup that was given out.  As this was our last event of the summer, we could not have been more grateful for this opportunity to represent a nationally-known company as Sunoco. Sunoco has such a heart for their customers, such as their initiative to donate a cup of coffee, to the Lowcountry Food Bank, with every cup that is bought within their APlus Convenience Stores.

Thank you to Sunoco and Fort Sumter Tours & Spiritline Cruises for making today a success!

Remember, tonight is the kick off of the Olympics.  So, purchase yourself a cup of Lowcountry Blend to drink as you watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.


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What’s Your Coffee Personality?

Happy Thursday friends! We are past that middle hump of the week and nearing the weekend. I’m sure we all have some fun-filled plans lined up. So today I will keep it light and fun.

So how many of us have gone out on a coffee date? You meet someone new and wonder what this person may possibly be like. Or perhaps while you are at your local café and happen to people watch (like I do) and wonder what that handsome gentleman who just ordered a caramel macchiato may be into? Well, you’re in luck! I read this cute little article about What Your Coffee Order Says About You to a Date.

This article deciphers coffee drinkers who like their coffee black, 8AM decaf with half and half, double shot espresso, cold brew in a bottle, cappuccino, macchiato, soy latte, iced vanilla mint Frappuccino with extra whipped cream and those who choose to be rebellious by ordering tea at a coffee chop.

Depending on what kind of day it is or has been, I either order a double shot espresso or macchiato. The double shot espresso personality reads, “They are not self-starters, but they are definitely go-getters. Life is a series of events that they attack with gusto. They go big, but God knows they never go home. In the dating realm, it obviously takes energy and stamina to keep up with a Double Shot Espresso drinker.”

While the macchiato personality reads, “Cerebral and refined, they linger over the small pleasures in life. They always return library books before they’re due. Rest assured — you can rely on them in any situation.” Hmm… Maybe next time I will say “hello” to that handsome macchiato-ordering gentleman when I see him.

To find out more about the other personalities, read the rest of the article here. Also, Friday (tomorrow) from 9:30 to 10:45am, the #beanteam belles will have an event at Fort Sumter Tours at Patriots Point in Charleston. If you’re free, stop by to meet the #beanteam belles, sample some Lowcountry Blend and enjoy a tour of historical places in Charleston with Fort Sumter Tours SpiritLine Cruises. See y’all there!

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Coffee for a Cause

Today, I am going to follow Alaina’s lead and take a step back from all the coffee talk and turn our attention to another significant part of the Lowcountry Blend campaign, the Lowcountry Food Bank. The Lowcountry Food Bank is Sunoco’s official partner of the Caffeinate Charleston campaign, in which, for each cup of Lowcountry Blend sold, one cup will be donated to the Lowcountry Food Bank.

The Lowcountry Food Bank was founded in 1983 as a clearinghouse for food donations and other resources with the help of Trident United Way and the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina. They serve the ten coastal counties by, “soliciting and distributing healthy food and grocery products to nonprofit agencies serving the poor, and to educate the public about the problems and solutions to domestic hunger.”

In addition to providing food and other goods they also provide other resources such as nutrition education, safe food handling practices and maintenance information. The Lowcountry Food Bank is also highly involved in childhood hunger efforts such as Kids Cafe, Backpack Buddies and the School Pantry. So far this year the Lowcountry Food Bank has helped 4,166 children through these programs.

With such incredible services and a heartfelt staff the Lowcountry Food Bank is a truly important and gifted organization. With that in mind, the Lowcountry Food Bank needs your help. They are currently in the running for the Non-Profit of the Year Award given through Charleston Magazine. So, if you have a second while your sipping on your cup of Lowcountry Blend please go online and vote so they can move on to the next round!

For more information on the Lowcountry Food Bank visit

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Being a #beanteam Member

This week, I am deviating from the norm a bit, and I want to express what a unforgettable experience it has been to be a “#beanteam” member this summer (and it isn’t over yet!). At the end of last semester, this internship was recommended to me, and I figured it was a perfect way to spend the summer. I have a strong passion for public and media relations (which is why I am pursuing my Master’s in it), and knew launching a new product would be exciting. I also was excited to meet some pretty great people along the way and learn a little about my new home. Now, I am not saying that I did not expect this experience to be as rewarding as it has been, but it really has exceeded expectations (and to my fellow #beanteam “belles,” I know you feel the same way!).

Right from the get-go, employees from Sunoco, Inc. and The Bravo Group have been welcoming, encouraging, motivating, and genuinely happy to have us on board. I don’t think I am saying anything shocking when I argue that the college-aged generation isn’t always taken very seriously. As an intern, I have done everything from mindlessly stapling mailers to being the only official PR representative for a business.  I greatly appreciate the creative freedom and trust that has been given to us this summer, as we can take pride and ownership toward our work while experiencing the direct and positive return on investment.

As I work diligently on the comprehensive video and help plan a final presentation for the two companies, I can only be excited to see where this leads and how we are setting the precedent for other coffee initiatives around the country. Studying public relations can be difficult, because every campaign, every company, every environment is going to be different. That is why these internships are so valuable: you have to get out their and experience it! You just have to find the right people who will put faith in your abilities and let you show them what you are capable of.

So, when you go to your local Sunoco gas station and sip on that soothing Lowcountry Blend, think of the people who are working hard behind the scenes. It isn’t only about making a sale. It is about the experience that EVERYONE earns in the process that is the true reward.

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Wake up your beauty routine with Lowcountry Blend!

Your morning cup of Lowcountry Blend not only has health benefits for your body, but it can also boost your morning beauty routine! With the correct methods, you will be able to use your coffee grounds for your hair and skin so you can be bikini ready this summer.

1. Coffee can soften and shine your hair if you’re brunette

Before lathering your shampoo in your tresses, scrunch some coffee grounds into wet hair. Although the texture is grainy and coarse, it’s actually good for your hair. These grounds remove build-up, and it can soften the hair. Warning: If you have light or bleached hair, don’t use coffee grounds because it can darken the color. Mix the following ingredients below and apply to hair. Leave on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing .

– 1 tsp olive oil (or your favorite oil)

– 1 tsp shea butter

– 1.5 tbsp yogurt

– 1 tbsp honey

– 1 tbsp coffee

2. Coffee can treat cellulite

Coffee grounds can be used as a base for cellulite body scrub. In fact, the caffeine in the coffee grinds helps improve circulation and makes skin appear firmer. Combine the ingredients below to make an all-natural scrub. -1/2 cup brewed Lowcountry Blend coffee grounds

-1 tablespoon of wine

-1 tablespoon of tincture

-A few drops of ginger extract and seaweed extract

-Mix in sea salt for a softer scrub

3. Coffee exfoliates your skin

Give your skin a buzz by using coffee grounds as an all natural exfoliant. If you want to make a smoother scrub, add olive oil to the coffee grounds. Rubbing the coffee grounds on your skin can remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

4. Use coffee grounds for a facial mask

Coffee grounds can decrease puffiness in the facial/eye area. If you have dry skin, you can add yogurt, cream, or honey to the facial mask. If you have oily skin, add lemon juice. Mix the following ingredients to make a coffee facial mask!

-4 Tbsp. of Lowcountry Blend coffee beans

-4 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

-8 Tbsp. of milk, heavy cream, yogurt (must be unflavored!), almond milk or coconut milk. Substitutions are allowed: Try an egg instead of dairy if you are an egg mask lover, or substitute oils, such as olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil or almond oil if you have dehydrated skin.

-2 Tbsp. honey (if you have dry skin) or lemon juice (if you have oily skin) Preparation for facial mask *If you have whole beans, finely grind beans in a grinder. *Remember, beans should be finely ground so they don’t scratch your face.

-Mix coffee and cocoa powder in a bowl.

-Add the dairy product and stir until a smooth paste forms.

-Stir in the honey

-Apply the paste to your clean face and neck.


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