Coffee and America’s Independence

04 Jul

Happy fourth of July to all you coffee fans! In celebration of this important date in our nation’s history, I decided to find out what role coffee had in our nation’s independence –if any. After some serious searching and google filtering, I found this website that briefly explains how coffee transformed our country, even back then.

We all know tea was a personal favorite of much of the population back in the 1700’s. So much so, that King George III added additional taxation on tea. Although the colonial population adored their tea time, the additional taxation angered the American’s and they put their pinkies up in protest.

In 1773 England placed the Tea Act on the colonists. The principal objective of this act was to reduce the massive surplus of tea held by the British East India Company who was in extreme financial ruin. This tax pushed the colonists to their final limits and when ships arrived in America to drop of tea, their shipments were turned back. 

This continual protest eventually led to the Boston Tea Party and later came America’s fight for independence. According to the website link above coffee was, “…embraced by the patriots of the day as it showed a symbolic reaction of the English practice of drinking Tea.” This thought process was embraced so much that, “…coffee was declared the National Drink of the colonized United States by the Continental Congress.”

So with all this said, stop by your local Sunoco APlus convenience store and raise your cup of Lowcountry Blend to toast to our wonderful country and our celebration of independence.



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