What’s in a Roast?

11 Jul

When I first started drinking coffee, every trip to the local coffee house was a bit of a conundrum. I was confused and a bit overwhelmed about all the different kind of roasts and what they were and how they would taste. Through trial and error I eventually found my favorite roasts, but to this day I still find a roast on a menu board that I have never tried and never really heard of. So, for all you beginner coffee drinkers looking for some clarification or for the veteran drinker still looking for some clarification here is a little guide to different types of roasts and what they taste like.

Dark Roasts:

-Have a fuller flavor

-Beans are roasted approximately 14-15 minutes

-Tastes include smoky flavors

-Examples of dark roasts include

* “Italian Roast” or “Dark French Roast”:

-Dark and oily to look at

-Has a stronger burned taste

* “Spanish Roast”:

-Almost black in color

-Charcoal undertones

Medium Dark Roasts:

-Have a more natural flavor due to the natural oils of the bean being brought to the             surface

– Beans are roasted approximately 12-13 minutes

-Examples of medium dark roasts include:

* “French Roast”

-These are the roasts most often used to make espresso

-Less acidity

* “Continental Roast”

-Similar to a French Roast, but lighter and with a spicy body

* “Vienesse Roast”

-Similar to an American Roast, but is roasted longer

-Chocolate undertones

* “City Roast”

-Comes from a medium dark brown bean

-Also contains chocolate undertones as well as caramel undertones

Medium Roasts:

-This roast balances body with flavor

-Beans are roasted 9-11 minutes

-Common in Western parts of the USA

-Examples of medium roasts include:

* “American Roast”

-Often used in Eastern USA

-Typically used for professional tasting

-Known for its aroma

* “Breakfast Roast”

-Sweeter than a light roast

Light Roasts:

-Beans are roasted for approximately 7-8 minutes

-Has a very light bodied flavor

-Examples of light roasts include:

* “Cinnamon Roast”

-Has baked undertones

-Will have subtle sour taste due to the lower roasting times

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  1. Arenice

    July 26, 2012 at 9:50 am

    i am always learning new things with your blog this is very good.


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