Fun Coffee Facts

12 Jul

Before I started this internship with the #beanteam, I enjoyed my daily dose (or two) of coffee and thought nothing much of it. But since I’ve been a #beanteam belle, like a double shot of espresso, it’s made my eyes wide open to this whole new world of coffee. Every day I’m learning new and interesting facts about coffee. And today, I decided to share my favorite fun facts about coffee.

#1: Goats discovered coffee. That’s right! During the 9th century, an Ethiopian goat herder noticed his goats acting strange after eating the cherries from the coffee tree. So he tried it and viola!

#2: Light beans have more caffeine. You would think the darker beans would have more caffeine. That makes sense, right? Wrong! Apparently, the longer coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is cooked out of the bean.

#3: “Cup of Joe” from GI Joes. No, not the popular 80s cartoon (although I did enjoy that show as a kid). The term “Cup of Joe” comes from American servicemen (GI Joes) during WWII who were seen as big coffee drinkers.

And the list goes on and on and on… These are just my top three fun facts about coffee. There are so much more interesting facts out there! Want to learn more? Then pour yourself a cup of Lowcountry Blend, sit down and check out some these sites with interesting coffee facts. Enjoy!

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