One Nation, One Lowcountry, One Brew

13 Jul

Happy Friday friends! How have your weeks been? You all should have a warm, bold cup of Lowcountry Blend to start your weekend right!

Friends, have you visited Charleston recently? Charleston holds decades of history and Fort Sumter is one of the most visited historicial locations. Have you ever heard of Fort Sumter in recent or past history books? Well, Fort Sumter was the very locatoin where the Civil War began.  On April 12, 1861, the Confederate forces opened fire on Fort Sumter, where Federal forces were residing.  Did you know that about 34 hours after the first fire had been shot that Fort Sumter surrendered? (

The Civil War was a monumental war for our Nation as a whole.  The Civil War helped prove that our Nation could survive as a republic and a Nation that could stand on its own.  Abraham Lincoln was our Nation’s President during the time of the Civil War and slavery was very prevalent in America, especially in cities like Charleston. As the Civil war ended, slavery was abolished and the United States of America was claimed as one Nation ( Fort Sumter is and was a significant part of our Nation’s history.

Today, you can visit the Fort Sumter National Monument and Fort Sumter itself.  The Fort Sumter National Monument holds a free museum of artifacts from the Civil War and a gift shop.  You can purchase tickets at the Fort Sumter National Monument for the Fort Sumter Tours held by Fort Sumter Tours and Spiritline Cruises. Visit this website for tour times, ticket prices, and bookings:

As you tour one of the most historical sites of America, bring along a good cup of coffee!  The Lowcountry Blend is the perfect aid for your touring adventures to keep you going!

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