“Coffee Related Things That Alaina Finds Entertaining”

17 Jul

This post, I will admit, does not have a theme, per say. Unless, however, you wish to consider the theme to be “Coffee Related Things That Alaina Finds Entertaining”. Some weeks, what I find just seamlessly falls into a coherent topic. This week is not one of those weeks. So, let me begin.

The first tidbit I found that was interesting was this coffee advertisement from history. When I say history, I mean, from 360 years ago (1652)It is a bit hard to read, so I will summarize some interesting points below.

1) It hits the nail on the head in saying you drink coffee in the morning and around 3/4pm.

2) It cures/prevents diseases like the “Cough of the Lungs,” Gout, and Scurvy.

3) Coffee helps prevent “Mif-carryings in Child-bearing Women” though I am not going to even pretend like I know that that means…Sounds serious though.

4) Finally, it advises not to drink it after “Supper” as it will make you “watchful” for 3 or 4 hours. I think I’d rather sleep.

Pretty spot on, right? (Although I don’t know if anyone is testing its effects on scurvy anymore…) And on a side tangent, I love how if ANY advertisement looked like this today, it would be a failure. No one wants to read that much anymore! And, WHERE are the pictures?

My last nugget of random information is this list: 10 Annoying Things People Do at Coffee Shops. What is great about the Lowcountry Blend is that you don’t have to deal with ANY of this when getting your morning coffee. I don’t know about you, but my patience is often testy in the morning until I am fully awake. I would prefer to not deal with the people who have loud conversations, those that don’t use headphones, rampant children, or a single person taking up an entire table for his or her self (I added that last one in.)

What are your coffee house pet peeves? There is a simple solution: the Lowcountry Blend!


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