Being a #beanteam Member

24 Jul

This week, I am deviating from the norm a bit, and I want to express what a unforgettable experience it has been to be a “#beanteam” member this summer (and it isn’t over yet!). At the end of last semester, this internship was recommended to me, and I figured it was a perfect way to spend the summer. I have a strong passion for public and media relations (which is why I am pursuing my Master’s in it), and knew launching a new product would be exciting. I also was excited to meet some pretty great people along the way and learn a little about my new home. Now, I am not saying that I did not expect this experience to be as rewarding as it has been, but it really has exceeded expectations (and to my fellow #beanteam “belles,” I know you feel the same way!).

Right from the get-go, employees from Sunoco, Inc. and The Bravo Group have been welcoming, encouraging, motivating, and genuinely happy to have us on board. I don’t think I am saying anything shocking when I argue that the college-aged generation isn’t always taken very seriously. As an intern, I have done everything from mindlessly stapling mailers to being the only official PR representative for a business.  I greatly appreciate the creative freedom and trust that has been given to us this summer, as we can take pride and ownership toward our work while experiencing the direct and positive return on investment.

As I work diligently on the comprehensive video and help plan a final presentation for the two companies, I can only be excited to see where this leads and how we are setting the precedent for other coffee initiatives around the country. Studying public relations can be difficult, because every campaign, every company, every environment is going to be different. That is why these internships are so valuable: you have to get out their and experience it! You just have to find the right people who will put faith in your abilities and let you show them what you are capable of.

So, when you go to your local Sunoco gas station and sip on that soothing Lowcountry Blend, think of the people who are working hard behind the scenes. It isn’t only about making a sale. It is about the experience that EVERYONE earns in the process that is the true reward.

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