What’s Your Coffee Personality?

26 Jul

Happy Thursday friends! We are past that middle hump of the week and nearing the weekend. I’m sure we all have some fun-filled plans lined up. So today I will keep it light and fun.

So how many of us have gone out on a coffee date? You meet someone new and wonder what this person may possibly be like. Or perhaps while you are at your local café and happen to people watch (like I do) and wonder what that handsome gentleman who just ordered a caramel macchiato may be into? Well, you’re in luck! I read this cute little article about What Your Coffee Order Says About You to a Date.

This article deciphers coffee drinkers who like their coffee black, 8AM decaf with half and half, double shot espresso, cold brew in a bottle, cappuccino, macchiato, soy latte, iced vanilla mint Frappuccino with extra whipped cream and those who choose to be rebellious by ordering tea at a coffee chop.

Depending on what kind of day it is or has been, I either order a double shot espresso or macchiato. The double shot espresso personality reads, “They are not self-starters, but they are definitely go-getters. Life is a series of events that they attack with gusto. They go big, but God knows they never go home. In the dating realm, it obviously takes energy and stamina to keep up with a Double Shot Espresso drinker.”

While the macchiato personality reads, “Cerebral and refined, they linger over the small pleasures in life. They always return library books before they’re due. Rest assured — you can rely on them in any situation.” Hmm… Maybe next time I will say “hello” to that handsome macchiato-ordering gentleman when I see him.

To find out more about the other personalities, read the rest of the article here. Also, Friday (tomorrow) from 9:30 to 10:45am, the #beanteam belles will have an event at Fort Sumter Tours at Patriots Point in Charleston. If you’re free, stop by to meet the #beanteam belles, sample some Lowcountry Blend and enjoy a tour of historical places in Charleston with Fort Sumter Tours SpiritLine Cruises. See y’all there!

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