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A Night of Vintage Fashion and Delicious Coffee

This past weekend, the beanteam members and I kicked off our first event at “A Vintage Inspired Fashion Show.”  For our Sunoco internship, each beanteam member is in charge of planning an individual event, and I decided to choose something that I have always been passionate about, which is fashion. I have been modeling since my sophomore year in college, and every year, I have participated in Charleston Fashion Week. To me, the fashion world is inspiring with trendy models, beautiful clothes, creative hairstylists and passionate designers.

When my fashionista friend, Kristen Armstrong, asked me to walk in “A Vintage Inspired Fashion Show,” I knew that I wanted to incorporate Lowcountry Blend coffee with the event. After talking to Kristen about my idea, she told me that the #beanteam belles could set up a booth and provide coffee goodie bags and t-shirts during the fashion show, and I was thrilled!

On the day of the show, I went to  Strawberry Blonde salon and got my hair and makeup done. After getting primped, I went to the National Rifle Club bowling alley where the event would be held. I met up with fellow beanteam members JoAnn and Courtney, and we set up our coffee booth next to some vendors who were selling vintage jewelry and clothes.

We had coffee goodie bags with Lowcountry Blend samples, our Lowcountry Blend brochure, Sunoco stickers, and creamers. Our booth had Lowcountry Blend pamphlets, beanteam t-shirts, and survey questions for fashion show attendees, which asked them about their morning coffee routine. We also had a Lowcountry Blend coffee poster that described our coffee flavors, and another one provided links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

After setting up the coffee booth, we told people that they could find Lowcountry Blend coffee in our 26 APlus stores in Charleston. We also passed out coffee goodie bags, t-shirts, and asked people to describe how they like their coffee. Before the show started, we had the chance to walk down the catwalk with our Lowcountry Blend coffee. We also went backstage and passed out our beanteam t-shirts and goodie bags to the models.

I think that this first event was a great way to kick off the summer! Check out the pictures from the show on our Lowcountry Blend Facebook page at

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Creative Coffee

Hey coffee fans! The next time you grab a cup of Lowcountry Blend coffee at Sunoco, why don’t you do it in style by getting a little creative? Coffee art has become a creative phenomenon in the coffee industry where steamed milk and espresso are poured in a particular design. This design can be embellished by simply “drawing” on a layer of foam.

In fact, there are several competitions, like the World Latte Art Championship, that showcase this unique art form around the world. This year, the championship will take place in South Korea where baristas from all over the globe create two identical samples of “art in a cup” for three different beverages.

There are two main types of coffee art free pouring (pattern created during a pour) and etching (using a tool to create a pattern). Free pouring is one of the most common coffee art designs used in the United States. The two most common forms of poured latte art are a heart shape and the “rosetta,” also known as a flower.

To create a heart shaped pattern, pour milk about an inch away from the bottom. Once the cup is half filled, gently shake the pitcher back and forth while keeping your hand in the same general area, focusing on making a ringed circle.

For more coffee art techniques, check out the coffee art tutorials below!



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Lowcountry Blend has health benefits!

There have been many myths about whether coffee is good or bad for your health, but what if I told you that Lowcountry Blend coffee contains many health benefits? I was stumbling upon an article in NY Times the other day that revealed coffee drinkers may live longer more than non-coffee drinkers.

According to the study, which was published online in the New England Journal of Medicine, coffee drinkers have a lower risk of dying from diseases compared to people who drink little to no coffee.  The study revealed that men and women who drank six or more cups of a coffee a day were 10% and 15% less likely to die than non-coffee drinkers.

In fact, coffee has many antioxidants that are beneficial to people’s cardiovascular health. The study also revealed that the more coffee that people consume, the less likely they will die from heart disease, respiratory failure, stroke, infections, accidents and even injuries. Another study found that coffee could contain anti-cancer properties. Researchers found that coffee drinkers are 50% less likely to get liver cancer than non-drinkers.

            So the next time you’re stopping for gas at Sunoco, grab a cup of Lowocuntry Blend! A cup of Sunoco coffee not only supports the Lowcountry Food Bank, but it has many benefits for your health:) ImageImage


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Sunoco Press Conference at Lowcountry Food Bank

Today during a press conference at the Lowcountry Food Bank, Sunoco launched their latest coffee blend that was specifically created for their Caffeinate Charleston campaign. The coffee blend, named Lowcountry Blend, will be sold in 26 APlus locations in Charleston. The Lowcountry Blend is a medium body coffee that is mixed with enticing, nutty flavors, and it’s delicious. Pat Walker, the LCFB President and CEO, started the press conference and announced a corporate sponsorship with Sunoco where they will help raise hunger awareness. To support the Lowcountry Food Bank, Sunoco will donate a portion of the proceeds for each cup of coffee sold. “For every cup of coffee sold, Sunoco will donate a cup of coffee,” said Cynthia Archer, Sunoco’s vice president of marketing.

Ruth Clauser, President of the Sunoco Foundation, thanked the Lowcountry Food Bank and Sunoco team members for making the partnership possible. During the press conference, Sunoco’s interns, who are named the bean team, promoted the Lowcountry Blend via Twitter and Facebook. We also wore Sunoco t-shirts and passed out goody bags, which had coffee samples, coupons, coasters, and other goodies inside. After the press conference, we went to Sunoco stores and promoted the Lowcountry Blend by passing out brochures and encouraging customers to try the coffee. Today marked the beginning of an exciting marketing campaign, and I can’t wait to plan more events with the bean team.

~Jennifer Blencowe



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