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Cafe au Zumba?

Good Morning to all of our trendy coffee drinkers! How are you all doing today? Would you all mind doing something for us if you have a spare minute this weekend? Please fill out our online survey. We are trying to get to know you and your coffee routine! Thanks in advance, friends!

This past Wednesday morning, July 18, the #beanteam held our fourth event at the East Shore Athletic Club in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  Through some emails, personal meetings, and calls, Matt, the manager of East Shore Gym, and I coordinated this event.  We were thinking that if people are finishing their work outs, or they need a caffeine boost to get through their fitness class, why not provide some Lowcountry Blend?

So, we provided fresh, hot samples of the Lowcountry Blend, along with lots of other Sunoco goodies in the gym lobby. We had a good number of gym-goers stop by our table, try the Lowcountry Blend, and say that the Lowcountry Blend was an excellent brew! Even the staff members of East Shore Athletic Club were big fans! The #beanteam also received multiple surveys, along with one video interview, that gave feedback on the coffee habits of the Lowcountry.  All of the people who took our survey were given a “#beanteam” t-shirt to represent Sunoco and the Lowcountry Blend!  This past Wednesday went very well!

East Shore Athletic Club is an excellent gym that holds premium gym equipment and a variety of classes.  Zumba is one of the most fun classes you will take if you enjoy dancing!  Zumba combines dances like salsa, reggae-ton, hip-hop, mambo, Bollywood, merengue, and some others. If you are interested in Zumba classes or becoming a member of ESAC, please visit their website.

Now, if you are disappointed that you missed out on this event, attend our next event this coming Friday, July 27, from 9:30-10:45am at Patriots Point with your favorite #beanteam and Lowcountry Blend! We will be teaming up with Fort Sumter Tours and Spiritline Cruises, so check out their tours!

Thanks y’all and have a relaxing weekend!

Here are some pictures from this Wednesday’s event (All photo credit to JoAnn Makiano):





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Get a Kick Out of Your Coffee

When the #beanteam belles and I began our internship, one of the requirements was that we each had to plan our own event to promote the Lowcountry Blend here in the Lowcountry. It was suggested that we each team up with an area that we are passionate about or an area in which we have a lot of connections or experience with. Once I heard of this, I immediately knew where I was going to turn for my event, the Charleston Battery semi-professional soccer team.

For the past two Charleston Battery seasons, I was a public relations intern in charge of writing the post-game press releases, so I still had connections with Andrew Bell, the president of the Charleston Battery. After some quick emails and lots of planning the event was set for the July 14 game versus the Wilmington Hammerheads at Blackbaud Stadium, the Battery’s home field.

At the game this past weekend, the #beanteam and I set up a booth inside the stadium walls to promote our coffee by teaching the Lowcountry about the Lowcountry Blend and its initiative as well as letting them try the coffee and getting their feedback. All of the soccer fans who tried our coffee were extremely receptive to it and loved the taste and how it was brewed just for them (and they also loved the free t-shirts).

By the end of the night we gained many new Lowcountry Blend fans, received a lot of survey feedback, and learned more about how people prefer their coffee and on top of it all the Battery beat the Wilmington Hammerheads with a score of 3-1.

* A special thanks to Andrew Bell and the whole Charleston Battery organization for allowing us to set up at the game.

Take a look at the pictures below taken by #beanteam member JoAnn Makinano to see the #beanteam belles hard at work at the game.

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Photography and Coffee

It’s been a month now since the #BeanTeam has embarked on this journey to Caffeinate Charleston. We had our second event at Joint Base Charleston, hanging out with the Air Force members of the 1st Combat Camera Squadron. There we took a coffee break together, snacked on some goodies, and chatted over a cup of Lowcountry Blend. Afterwards, we watched a photo-judging contest. There were many spectacular photos from this talented bunch.

This event put two of my favorite things together: photography and coffee. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working as a photojournalist for over 10 years. I’ve been drinking coffee for, well, forever. I have fond memories of many assignments that I’ve gone out on worldwide. As part of my routine, I had to have my morning coffee – especially if it was before daylight – while gathering my photo gear and other odds and ends for that assignment. Then upon returning (either that day or a couple days later), I’d grab another cup of coffee to get ready for a long editing session.

While some days were grueling, my passion for photography and a caffeine buzz kept me thriving. A couple years ago, I was enthralled to find something that encompassed that. I found a camera lens coffee mug and it’s been my absolute favorite mug ever since. And here it is in all its glory!

It was a great experience putting together this event. I enjoyed putting together two of my favorite things. The photos from that day are on our Lowcountry Blend Facebook page. Also, if you’d like, share with us your combination of favorites or favorite coffee mug.

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