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Uniting the World with Coffee

The Olympics are over, and I am a little sad.  I always enjoying watching the games, but not necessarily for the sport of it, nor to chant “USA! USA! USA!” (though that is a pretty big part). I found that this year, I really liked seeing countries unifying for this beloved tradition that dates back to (probably) 776 BC in Ancient Greece. Of everything this world has gone through, I love that we still unite for these games. Not only does it give us a chance to become increasingly nationalistic for a few weeks, but it reminds us that we are all on this earth, and no matter our language, we can unite under the game. Did you see North Korea and South Korea shake hands!?

Ok, so what does this have to do with the #beanteam? Well, I was thinking… coffee is a HUGE export and is loved by many. Different regions produce different flavored beans, but also make their coffee in very specific ways. I looked it up and found that are numerous countries that export coffee. The United States is not one (which is no surprise) so we go elsewhere. This export really does unite people on an economic and social way.

The National Geographic, which I have always loved for their insight into cultures different from my own, has a coffee specific website that not only addresses the legends and history of coffee, but maps out the major exporters all over the world. Brazil, the largest producer of coffee, put out $22.5 million bags in 1997-1998 crop year (the latest they have data from). Each bag weighs about 132 pounds. I did the math and that equals a LOT of coffee… I can’t even imagine orchestrating the exchange of this stuff. This website even has a forum where anyone can come together and talk about their coffee.  Perhaps my favorite quote on the page is this description of coffee: “‘Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.’ That’s the recipe for coffee, according to the utterly French statesman Talleyrand (1754-1838).” If that isn’t a man passionate about his coffee, I don’t know what is. And this was around 200 years ago. Not much as changed.

So, the Lowcountry Blend, although specific to the Charleston area, offers flavors from our friends in South and Central America. We ask others to help us with our coffee initiatives and in turn, help feed those less fortunate in our area. I will toast to that.

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When is Coffee Day?

It seems today there is some sort of holiday or event for each day of the year. For example, International Bacon Day, Secretary’s Day, and even Penguin Awareness Day. Yes, really! Take a look here. I personally like International Bacon Day. Yum! Of course, this made me wonder if there was also a day for coffee. So I began my online search. Low and behold, there is not just one Coffee Day, but several days celebrated around the world! Amazing, isn’t it?

International Coffee Day (also known as Coffee Day or National Coffee Day) is observed September 29th. According to Wikipedia, this day is used to promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness for the plight of the coffee growers. Many businesses around the world will offer free or discounted coffee. The history of this day was first celebrated in Japan in 1983 and many countries have their own inaugural days of celebration as well. However, it isn’t just on September 29, which is celebrated in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and England. September 12 is National Coffee Day in Costa Rica, October 1 is International Coffee Day in Japan and you can read all the different days here.

So if you’re ever on the hunt for an interesting and fun adventure, how about planning for a Caffeinated one? If you would like to start one soon, August 17 is National Coffee Day in Indonesia and I think that’s a wonderful place to start. But before you do, you can stop by your local Sunoco APlus store in the Charleston area and pick up a cup of Lowcountry Blend to jumpstart this caffeinated trip.

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Coffee and Public Knowledge

I was curious what happened when I Googled “coffee” and I thought I would explore the Wikipedia page. I was surprised to see how extensive the page was. In high school, I was always told to avoid Wikipedia for any credible information– anyone can edit it. Times have changed, and Wikipedia is more credible. Therefore, I am going to share some fun facts that you can find on this page. After all, anyone can post on here so it has to be true, right?

1) Coffee was referenced first in 1598. That is a long time ago, folks.

2) Coffee was initially associated with spiritual and political activism. Really? Because now it keeps people awake while they sit at their computers for 8 hours at a time.

3) Powerful sorcerers often had coffee trees planted over their graves as it was believed that it sprouted from the tears of god.

I will leave it up to you to find the sources and confirm, but it is rather interesting, don’t you think?

Another interesting website is Coffee Review . This site has a blog, a glossary, forums, and articles all centered around coffee. I thought it would be interesting to see what the people were saying about coffee (along the same lines of Wikipedia) and the forums have everything from coffee reviews and brewing tips. I suppose if you wanted to connect with coffee fans alike, this would be the place to go. In the interest of seeing what other people are blogging, and it has numerous opinions but they are all from last year. All in all, if you want information from this site, check out the glossary– it’s quite extensive.

I hope this has given you some insight into the world of citizen journalism…even if it isn’t journalism exactly. There are numerous coffee drinkers out there, and so many really are knowledgable on the drink. With the Internet, we can all share and learn about coffee, or anything else. It is just now more important than ever to check facts if you want to know for sure.

Grab a cup of Lowcountry Blend and tell us what you know about coffee! You can add it to the mix of all the other coffee facts up there. I bet this blend will compete with the rest. It is pretty darn good!

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Fun Coffee Facts

Before I started this internship with the #beanteam, I enjoyed my daily dose (or two) of coffee and thought nothing much of it. But since I’ve been a #beanteam belle, like a double shot of espresso, it’s made my eyes wide open to this whole new world of coffee. Every day I’m learning new and interesting facts about coffee. And today, I decided to share my favorite fun facts about coffee.

#1: Goats discovered coffee. That’s right! During the 9th century, an Ethiopian goat herder noticed his goats acting strange after eating the cherries from the coffee tree. So he tried it and viola!

#2: Light beans have more caffeine. You would think the darker beans would have more caffeine. That makes sense, right? Wrong! Apparently, the longer coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is cooked out of the bean.

#3: “Cup of Joe” from GI Joes. No, not the popular 80s cartoon (although I did enjoy that show as a kid). The term “Cup of Joe” comes from American servicemen (GI Joes) during WWII who were seen as big coffee drinkers.

And the list goes on and on and on… These are just my top three fun facts about coffee. There are so much more interesting facts out there! Want to learn more? Then pour yourself a cup of Lowcountry Blend, sit down and check out some these sites with interesting coffee facts. Enjoy!

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Lowcountry Blend can enhance your workout!

Hey coffee fans! Over the years, critics have said that drinking coffee before your workout can cause dehydration and other health risks. But what if I told you that a kick of Lowcountry Blend coffee could actually help your daily workout routine? According to a recent British study, young men who drank a sugar free beverage with caffeine an hour before working out were able to work out for a longer period of time and do more reps without getting exhausted than when they drank the same drink without caffeine.

That same study revealed that those same participants were more excited about working out again after drinking coffee than they were before. Coffee can also enhance your performance when working out. According to another recent study, soccer players were able to practice with better precision after drinking caffeinated coffee. Other studies have revealed that caffeinated coffee can also provide a speed boost when working out and it can help lower delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Caffeinated coffee is also beneficial for muscle building because it has a thermogenic effect on the body. This thermogenic effect keeps the body in a state of constant stimulation, which can make abs more defined. So your cup of Lowcountry Blend doesn’t just taste good and keep you awake, it can be beneficial for your workout too, which is another plus.


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Coffee and America

Coffee has a rich, flavorful history much like how it tastes. With the 4th of July rolling around the corner, our country will be celebrating its own history, government, and traditions of the United States of America. While in search of information about coffee, I stumbled upon a coffee forum that had the topic “How Coffee Changed America”. I thought this would be perfect for the occasion!

Here’s the timeline of coffee and America’s history together. Let’s take a look!

So with the 4th of July coming next week, let’s celebrate to our country’s magnificent history with a cup of Lowcountry Blend coffee, family and friends!


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